Hydrated Lime is also known as calcium hydroxide {Ca(OH)2}  is a refined mineral product. Calcium oxide is stoichiometrically reacted with water in a controlled process to form a hydrated lime product that has the consistency of a fine white powder containing less than 1% residual moisture.

                                                          Calcium Oxide + Water = Calcium Hydroxide + Heat
                                                                     {CaO}    +     {H2O}     =     {Ca(OH)2}

Mississippi Lime Hydrated Lime Products:

  • Hydrated Lime can be used in a variety of water treatment, construction  and industrial applications.
  • Hydrated Lime FGT is used in dry sorbent injection and a variety of flue gas applicaitons.
  • Hydrated Lime HR is used  in acid gas removal situations where higher performance is needed.
  • Hydrated Lime SP is a specially produced hydrated lime  which low metals content.
  • Food Grade Hydrated Lime also known as VitaCal® H Calcium Hydroxide is a food grade quality, high purity calcium  hydroxide used in a wide variety of food industry applications. VitaCal® H is available in both dry and slurry forms.
  • High Purity Hydrated Lime  is available as  MicroCal® H Calcium Hydroxide which can be applied into a wide variety of chemical manufacturing applications where purity and reactivity are important.
  • PetroCal® H Calcium Hydroxide is designed to meet the exacting requirements of the petroleum additives industry.
  • Hydrated Lime can be made into a slurry called Liquid Calcium Hydroxide which is easy-to-use form and has  excellent material handling characteristics.
  • Hydrated Lime can be formed into Architectural Lime Putty which is used in construction and restoration applications.