Mississippi Lime’s Standard Quicklime and Standard Hydrated Lime products offer less grit and impurities, better performance, reduced labor, maintenance and equipment replacement costs than typical competitive products. Liquid Calcium Hydroxide (LCH) can be used as a substitute in many “liquid caustic” applications. Dust free, LCH can be the solution to many alkali handling problems. The micro-particulated version, Liquid Calcium Hydroxide MP is produced by our micro-particulation process to decrease particle size and increase reactivity and surface area. MicroCal HF technical grade and VitaCal® H food grade provide improved sizing and purity for demanding applications. VitaCal® H is also available in a liquid form, VitaCal® LCH.

In water softening quicklime or hydrated lime is used to remove carbonate hardness from the water. Hardness caused by other calcium and magnesium salts is also generally treated by means of a lime softening process which entails the precipitation of magnesium and calcium through the use of lime. Lime-enhanced softening can also be used to remove some heavy metals, including arsenic, from water.

Hydrated lime is widely used to adjust the pH of water. Lime is also used to prevent certain water conditions by neutralizing the acidity of the water thus preventing the negative impacts associated with low pH waters. By raising the pH of water through the addition of lime and retaining the water in contact with lime for a period of time, lime controls the environment required for the growth of bacteria and certain viruses. This application of lime can be used to treat phenols and heavy metals.