Process water is a critical part of many heavy industrial manufacturing operations. These applications can have demanding requirements for water quality due to process sensitivity, critical equipment, and growing environmental applications. Lime softening, pH control, and precipitation are some of the key functions of lime products.

Mississippi Lime’s Standard Quicklime and Standard Hydrated Lime products offer less grit and impurities, better performance, reduced labor, maintenance and equipment replacement costs than typical competitive products. Liquid Calcium Hydroxide (LCH) can be used as a substitute in many “liquid caustic” applications. Dust free, LCH can be the solution to many alkali handling problems. The micro-particulated version, Liquid Calcium Hydroxide MP is produced by our micro-particulation process to decrease particle size and increase reactivity and surface area. MicroCal® HF technical grade calcium hydroxide provides a high performance product alternative for process water systems that require exceptional purity. VitaCal® H calcium hydroxide provides a food grade, low arsenic option for use in food plants and highly sensitive water treatment applications. VitaCal® H is also available in a liquid form, VitaCal® LCH.