In basic oxygen steelmaking, molten iron from a blast furnace is charged into a refractory-lined steelmaking furnace, and then oxygen is injected into molten iron at high speeds resulting in oxidation of carbon and impurities. Lime is used in several steps in this process. Many steel plants de-sulfurize the hot metal externally in torpedo cars or ladles following the blast furnace, utilizing a pulverized quicklime blend. The refined hot metal is then charged into a Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF). Lime may be used for sulfur and phosphorus removal at this stage as well. Most importantly, quicklime is typically added to the mixture in the steelmaking furnace where it reacts with impurities (primarily silica and phosphorus) to form a slag which is later removed.

Mississippi Lime’s Standard Quicklime products are widely used due to their quality and consistency. High available calcium oxide, low total sulfur levels, low impurities, low loss on ignition and controlled fines content allow Steel companies to cost effectively meet the high quality standards required in today’s global market place.