In coating, precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) provides excellent optical performance for various paper printing (premium #1 to lightweight coated) and paperboard applications. Magnum Gloss® products are pigments used in top coating applications as either a dry Magnum Gloss® M or slurry, Magnum Gloss® 72%. As a fine aragonite PCC, Magnum Gloss® products allow high carbonate loading for enhanced blue-white shade and improved gloss. Magnum Gloss® products have good high shear rheology compared to other structured calcium carbonate (such as rhombohedral PCC or engineered GCC) which allows higher solids coating and higher machine speed. In a slurry form, Magnum Gloss® 72% allows the same high carbonate for enhanced blue-white shade and improved gloss. Higher usage of PCC in an otherwise kaolin clay dominated formulation results in higher coating solids and more open coating structure, which in turn improves drying efficiency. The other benefits of high carbonate coating include possibility of reducing latex binder. Magnum Gloss® has good high shear rheology which allows higher solids for blade coating and higher machine speed for productivity. Magnum Gloss® 72% has superior ink receptivity and can be formulated for specialty applications such as ink jet papers.

Magnum Fill® products can be used in base coat applications as well as paper filling. Magnum Fill® 65% is tailored for enhanced light scatter ability, due to internal voids in the pigment. Magnum Fill® 70% is designed to be an effective filler typically used in precoat applications. Magnum Fill®65% can be used in rod coating of unbleached substrate for improving coating hiding power and for extending TiO2. In coated linerboard applications, paperboard producers benefit from Magnum Fill® 65% in its fast ink drying rate for flexography printing.