Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) is a cost effective, high performance replacement for the more expensive titanium dioxide (TiO2). Generally, PCC can displace 15-25% of the TiO2 in a typical formulation and this optimization of TiO2 generates significant raw material cost savings. PCC has excellent optical properties due to the small median particle size, controlled particle size distribution, and high brightness. Therefore, both Magnum Fill® and Magnum Gloss® PCC are more than fillers because they offer a wide variety of benefits in terms of gloss development, brightness, opacity and viscosity. The benefits to the formulator are then two-fold; the opportunity to lower costs by reducing the usage of titanium dioxide and the ability to obtain specific performance advantages.

Magnum Fill® products are available in both powder and slurry form. In a slurry form, Magnum Fill® is available in 50%, 65% and 70% solids depending upon the specific needs of the application. In powder form, Magnum Fill® SDL is the newest addition. A high opacity, high oil absorption product, Magnum Fill® SDL is designed to provide maximum optimization of TiO2 while enhancing the overall performance of the coating. Other powder forms available include: Magnum Fill® SD, Magnum Fill M and Magnum Fill® HO97.

The Magnum Gloss® family of products provides high gloss, brightness, shade, coating strength and good rheology. Like Magnum Fill®, Magnum Gloss® is available in both powder and slurry form. Magnum Gloss® 72% is a unique high solids, low oil absorption slurry used in many satin and semi-gloss coatings and ink applications. Magnum Gloss® SD and M are both powder forms and provide many of the same benefits.

Particle size, brightness, oil absorption, and rheology all play a significant role in increasing the hiding power of the coating. Particle size should also play a critical role in the selection of the calcium carbonate material. Consideration must be given to the impact the particle size will have on physical properties, as well as processing characteristics. Magnum Fill® and Magnum Gloss® are well suited, providing ranges in sizing and oil absorption.