Precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC), unlike ground or natural calcium carbonate, perform more than just as a filler in coating and ink applications. Particle size, brightness, and rheology all play a significant role in increasing the hiding power of the coating and ink. Particle size plays a critical role in the selection of calcium carbonate materials. Consideration must be given to the impact the particle size will have on physical properties, as well as processing characteristics. Magnum Fill® and Magnum Gloss® PCC are ideal for these applications. Magnum Fill® PCC provides excellent hiding power, high reflectance, and stable viscosity and scrub resistance. Magnum Gloss® PCC provides high gloss, brightness, shade, coating strength and good rheology.

In the Ink Market, print gloss, water release, tack times, and opacity are key parameters that can be influenced by the choice of pigment. Mississippi Lime provides PCC across a broad spectrum of particle sizes, shapes, oil absorptions, and specific gravity. In the powder form - Magnum Fill® SDL, Magnum Fill® M, Magnum Fill® SD, Magnum Fill® HO97, Magnum Gloss® SD, and Magnum Gloss® M are all designed with a specific particle size distribution, particle shape and aspect ratio. As a result, the PCC has excellent performance compared to GCC and calcined clay on optical properties such as gloss developments, brightness, and opacity. In the slurry form - Magnum Fill® 65%, Magnum Fill® 70% and Magnum Gloss® 72% - provide similar benefits along with ease of feeding.

In the Paint and Coatings Market, brightness, wet and dry hide, and gloss are some of the key parameters that can be influenced by the choice of pigment. Magnum Fill® and Magnum Gloss® PCC are available in a wide range of both chemical and physical properties tailored to meet the needs of the Market. Magnum Fill® products, available in a dry and slurry form, offer high oil absorption and particle size distribution important in improving both opacity/hide and Hegman grind/dispersability in flat and matte coatings. Both the powder and slurry forms of Magnum Gloss® PCC provide low oil absorption and small mean particle sizing for superior level of gloss and brightness in both satin and semi-gloss architectural paints and industrial coatings.

Chart showing Opacity and Hide of PCC vs. GCC