Mississippi Lime’s VitaCal® family of products provides a variety of options for calcium fortification and calcium raw material needs. Mississippi Lime has long been the market leader for both food grade VitaCal® O Calcium Oxide and food grade VitaCal® H Calcium Hydroxide products and we have recently introduced food grade VitaCal® PCC Precipitated Calcium Carbonate.

For food grade raw materials, Purity is the Difference. VitaCal® products have the high calcium content and low impurity concentration that is vital to many food materials. All VitaCal® calcium products meet or exceed the current (6th Edition) Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) specifications required by food manufacturers. In many cases, the concentration level of an impurity in our VitaCal® calcium products is a fraction of the FCC specification for that chemical compound.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body providing many important functions. Although food is the best source of calcium, calcium-fortified foods (like orange juice and cereals) and supplements play a vital role. A variety of calcium salts are used in fortification including: calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, calcium oxide, calcium citrate, calcium gluconate, and calcium phosphate. The relative calcium content of VitaCal® calcium products are among the highest sources of calcium available resulting in cost effective manufacturing. The absorption of calcium is directly related to its bioavailability which is a measure of the rate at which the body absorbs and utilizes the calcium. This is a complex issue and the degree of bioavailability continues to be debated since several factors influence absorption. Calcium content should then be a determining factor in your choice of a calcium source.