Mississippi Lime’s Standard Quicklime (calcium oxide) and Standard Hydrated Lime (calcium hydroxide) products are used for both soil stabilization and soil modification. These lime products are used to treat soils in order to improve their workability and load-bearing characteristics in a number of situations. Lime is frequently used to dry wet soils at construction sites reducing downtime and providing an improved working surface. An even more significant use of these lime products is in the modification and stabilization of soil beneath road and similar construction projects. Use of lime can substantially increase the stability, impermeability, and load-bearing capacity of the sub-grade:

  • Drying with lime minimizes weather related construction delays
  • Modification with lime chemically transforms clays solids into workable, compactable material.
  • Stabilization with lime reacts to form long-term chemical changes in unstable clay soils to create strong but flexible, permanent structural layers in pavement systems and other foundations.

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