Calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate products are important raw materials in many chemical manufacturing operations. These materials are used in the manufacture of many calcium based compounds such as calcium carbide, calcium hypochlorite, calcium phosphate, calcium phenate, calcium sulfonate, calcium naphthenate, calcium magnesium acetate, calcium nitrate as well as many other materials.

Mississippi Lime’s products are well positioned to meet the rigorous physical and chemical specifications required of a calcium-based raw material due to their:
  • High total and available calcium content
  • Low impurity levels
  • Various grades of particle sizing, reactivity, and surface area

Mississippi Lime’s Standard Quicklime, Standard Hydrated Lime, Pulverized Quicklime, and Pulverized Quicklime-FloTreat are widely used in chemical applications due to their preferred quality and consistency.

For the more demanding applications, Mississippi Lime offers a wide variety of calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide products. Calcium oxide products include: VitaCal® O Calcium Oxide, MicroCal® O Calcium Oxide, PolyCal® O Calcium Oxide, and PetroCal™ O Calcium Oxide. Calcium hydroxide products include: VitaCal® H Calcium Hydroxide, MicroCal® H Calcium Hydroxide, PolyCal® H Calcium Hydroxide, and PetroCal H Calcium Hydroxide. ThermoCal® O Calcium Oxide is also available. All of these engineered products are available with specific purity, sizing, surface area and reactivity characteristics.

Mississippi Lime’s CalCarb® Calcium Carbonate, CalCarb® AC 325 and CalCarb® AC3 are widely used in chemical manufacturing applications.


Magnum Fill® Powder and Magnum Gloss® Powder precipitated calcium carbonate products are used in applications that may demand high brightness, low impurity levels, a defined crystal morphology or specific particle size distribution.