Calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate products are used in a variety of chemical manufacturing applications as a chemical raw material, processing aid, water treatment additive and environmental treatment material. Mississippi Lime manufactures a wide variety of high performance and cost effective calcium products that are widely used in chemical applications due to their exceptional purity and consistency.

Mississippi Lime’s Standard Product family is suited for industrial applications and includes:

Standard Quicklime
Pulverized Quicklime
Standard Hydrated Lime

Specialty grades of calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide are available for more demanding chemical raw material applications. Mississippi Lime’s Specialty Product family is engineered with specific purity, sizing, surface area and reactivity characteristics and include:

VitaCal® Food Grade Calcium Oxide and Calcium Hydroxide
MicroCal® Technical Grade Calcium Oxide and Calcium Hydroxide

Calcium Carbonate and Limestone product are used in a wide variety of chemical manufacturing applications. Precipitated Calcium Carbonate is used in applications that may demand high brightness, low impurity levels, a defined crystal morphology or specific particle size distribution. 

CalCarb® Calcium Carbonate.
Magnum Fill® PCC
Magnum Gloss® PCC