Factor     Hydrated Lime 
HCl removal rate      Removal rate is influenced by SO3 levels in the flue gas; data
indicates that SO3 will be neutralized first and then HCl.

Moisture level in the flue gas can affect HCL removal efficiency,
with high moisture levels providing better removal capabilities.

Some degree of in-flight capture of HCL does occur with hydrate
DSI.  At temperature range of 310-350 degrees Fahrenheit, SO2
capture with hydrate is low.  If the unit is targeting HCl removal
only, this is a benefit with regard to product utilization.

Regulations Mississippi Lime has tested DSI for HCl control at full scale and
found that hydrated lime can be used to meet 2015 MATS 
requirements for acid gases.

Additional Benefits Sites with wet scrubbers should investigate hydrate DSI for 
control of HCl.  Potential benefits can include:
  • Lower cost fuel
  • Benefits of removal of chlorides from scrubber liquor