The choice of hydrated lime as a dry sorbent provides a robust, ready to use material.  Mississippi Lime is an industry leader in the development of Dry Sorbent Injection industry for hydrated lime control of acidic gases.  We have supply capabilities in the Midwest (Ste. Genevieve MO), South (Vicksburg MS), East (Weirton WV) and Southeast (Chester SC) that can provide product for your DSI system, whether you require bags, supersacks or bulk shipments.  All of these production sites utilize high purity calcium oxide feedstock from our Ste. Genevieve MO deposit, one of the purest limestone deposits in the world.

For several years, Utilites have used reactive hydrated lime to control SO3 stack emissions.  A majority of sites mitigating SO3 have selected hydrated lime as their sorbent of choice for its reactivity,s upply chain, cost and beneficial effects on ash properties vs. sodium sorbents.  Hydrate has effectively removed acid gas emissions in a variety of equipment configurations using injection location options.  Mississippi Lime can offer 3 options to best suit your application:

Standard Hydrated Lime

Our high purity hydrated lime has a high % available calcium hydroxide, low impurities, and fine particle size.  Standard hydrated lime is a reactive hydrated lime that is good for DSI systems and available in bulk or packaged quantities.

Hydrated Lime FGT

This high purity hydrated lime is the industry leader for DSI for SO3 mitigation.  Mississippi Lime Flue Gas Treatment grade assures the customer of a reactive product (>21 m2/g BET surface area) that is proven in the toughest full scale applications.

Hydrated Lime FGT2

The second generation product for DSI, this material is tailor-made for applications where high reactivity and performance are required.

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