Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) is the injection of a dry alkali sorbent such as hydrated lime  into the flue gas.  Hydrated lime [Ca(OH)2] is a proven sorbent for DSI applications requiring removal of SO3, HCl, and HF.  Hydrated lime is also an effective agent when used in conjunction with activated carbon for removal of mercury.  In this application, hydrated lime protects the carbon by neutralizing SO3 before it can absorb onto the carbon and render it inactive.  Dry hydrated lime, especially in conjunction with a baghouse, can be an option for some SO2 control.  Optimization of injection temperature and moisture content can improve SO2 removal by hydrated lime.

Mississippi Lime works with our customers to optimize their hydrated lime dry sorbent injection systems for maximum efficiency.  Our hydrated lime products are used to meet strict regulatory emission requirements and protect process equipment.  Mississippi Lime has been an active participant in DSI research, field testing, and system optimization related to hydrated lime.  We work closely with end users, equipment companies, and design firms to make sure hydrated lime DSI systems operate effectively.