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Reagent and Technology Services 

Reagent and Technology Services (RTS) takes advantage of Mississippi Lime's unique capabilities to supply the air pollution control market with a broad variety of reagents and services. Chemicals targeted for control include SO2, SO3, Mercury, Arsenic and HCl. RTS can aid partners in determining reagent selection, handling and preparation. RTS will also manage by-product disposition, including fly ash, bottom ash, calcium sulfite and calcium sulfate (gypsum).


Furthermore, RTS can aid customers in optimizing their system to minimize the overall cost impact of their pollution control system. RTS has the lime and resources, the technology and the determination to find unique solutions for customers' specific air pollution control requirements.

Falco Lime

Falco Lime, a division of Mississippi Lime Company, is the leading supplier of high quality quicklime and hydrate lime products in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas.  Strategically located on the Mississippi River in Vicksburg, MS, Falco Lime offers a combination of barge, rail and truck facilities.

Falco Lime has excellent logistical capabilities and can coordinate and handle various bulk product transfer functions including barge-to-storage, rail-to-truck and rail-to-storage.


Mississippi Lime's trucking division recognizes the importance of supply chain management in servicing customer needs.  Pneumatic trucking services are provided to Mississippi Lime customers from truck terminal operations in:

  • Ste. Genevieve, MO
  • Vicksburg, MS & Baton Rouge, LA
  • Weirton, WV


We are committed to safety on the highway as well as in our customer operations.  Our drivers are experienced truck drivers that are focused on the handling, transporting and conveying of lime products.


The pneumatic truck fleet is dedicated to lime related products, ensuring product integrity.


The MLDS fleet is on-call 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  Whether it is spreading lime for a soil stabilization job or conveying lime to a storage tank, our drivers perform their duties in a professional and courteous manner.

Reliability of Supply

A large fleet of pneumatic tractors and trailers is available to respond to customer needs.  Our truck terminals at MLDS and Falco have certified mechanics on site that perform required maintenance.